Internet Browser shortcuts to simplify your digital life

Sep 14, 2016 | General Knowledge

A teacher once told me that a shortcut that makes you smarter is one worth taking kindle fehler beim herunterladen. We spend a vast amount of time online every day for a host of activities including shopping, searching and networking. A small piece of software enables us to do all our online activities – the internet browser (Of course mobile apps too, but that’s for another day!) sky q recordings download. Be it Internet Explorer or Chrome or Mozilla or any other internet browser, they help us navigate the web and facilitate our online experience.

But not many of us know that these internet browsers also have various tools and shortcuts to speed up our browsing experience herunterladen. Here, we list down some of the more essential shortcuts that will greatly help you browse smartly.

Ctrl + N

Opens a new browser window

Alt + F4

Closes your browser window

Ctrl + T

Opens a new tab in all browsers

Ctrl + Shift + N

Opens a new incognito window in Chrome

Ctrl + Shift + P

Opens a new incognito window in Internet Explorer (I.E.) or Edge

Ctrl + W

Closes the current tab you are on

Ctrl + Shift + T

Reopens the most recently closed tab in your browser

Ctrl + L

Focuses the cursor in the address bar and highlights the URL

Ctrl + Enter

Type the site name and then use this short-cut to add ‘www’ before and ‘.com’ after name and open the site fortnite herunterladen iphone 6.

For example, if you type amazon and press Ctrl+Enter, the browser will open

Ctrl + R

Refreshes/reloads the web page

Ctrl + Shift + R

Clears the browser cache and refreshes/reloads the page

Ctrl + H

Shows browsing history

Ctrl + J

Shows downloads

Ctrl + F

Enables you to find text on the webpage

Ctrl + D

Bookmarks the currently open webpage


Helps you move from one field to another on a webpage

Shift + Tab

Goes back to the previous field

Ctrl + Tab

Moves one tab to the right of currently open tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Moves one tab to the left of currently open tab

Ctrl + +

Increases text size

Ctrl + –

Decreases text size

Ctrl + 0

Resets the text to default size


Toggle between full screen & normal view

Ctrl + Mouse left click

(On a link)

Opens the link in a new tab

S + Mouse right click

(On an image)

In Chrome, it searches Google for the image in new tab

In Internet Explorer, it opens a prompt to save the image

Now that you have learnt some of these browser shortcuts, start getting used to them own photo's instagram download. It’ll save you a lot of time & effort and well, you can also use them to “show off” to those who don’t know 😉