42 Differences between British & American English [Infographic]

Nov 15, 2017 | Language

British vs American English - Infographic

British vs American English [Infographic]

Flat or apartment? Rubber or Eraser? Trousers or pants herunterladen?

There’s no right or wrong answer on which word in each pair is correct. It all depends on which form of English you are accustomed to or in which setting you are speaking – American or British kostenloses hörspiel herunterladen.

The English Language was introduced to the United States in early 17th century by the British downloaden open office gratis. Over nearly 500 years since then, the form of language in both countries diverged a little leading to two different versions of English often referred to as American and British English kann man stronghold downloaden. The differences are generally minor and include differences in pronunciation, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Since both versions are widely used around the world, these differences can sometimes confuse a neutral person while communicating with others rolling games for free in full german.

So bookmark this infographic of 42 words in British and their equivalent American version for a quick reference europass cv deutsch herunterladen. As mentioned in the beginning, there is no right or wrong usage of these words and you can choose the more appropriate word for better clarity depending on your audience and setting ps4 spiel downloaden.