Brand Pronunciation- Say them right, Save the embarrassment

Mar 27, 2017 | Language

It is estimated that total advertisement and brand exposures of a typical adult per day is in excess of 5000! In the globalized and increasingly connected world that we live in, a large number of these brands that we are exposed to are often of foreign origin herunterladen. As English language (or any other language) is not capable of capturing the nuances of every other language, it results in many of these foreign brand names to be mispronounced since the way they are written deviate from the way they are spoken. The mistake of mispronouncing brand names is especially more prevalent among clothes, cars and electronics brands.

As there really is no escape from being surrounded by many of these foreign brands due to their international operations and appeal, we might as well learn how to pronounce them correctly präsentation kostenlos. In this article, we look at some of the popular brands that are commonly mispronounced and the correct way of pronouncing them. So, let’s get them right today and maybe, save any future embarrassment as well!

Correct Pronunciation of Commonly Mispronounced Brands:

1 kann man widgetsen. Xiaomi

Correct pronunciation: Shao-mi

Xiaomi, the world’s 4th largest smartphone manufacturer, is a Chinese electronics company that has created waves around the world since it was founded less than 7 years ago in 2010. However, its pronunciation is a source of confusion for many with people often mispronouncing it as “Zhow-mi” or “Zai-o-mi”. The correct way of pronouncing Xiaomi is “Shao-mi” though imtect herunterladen.

Brand Pronunciation: Correct Pronunciation of Xiaomi

2. Nike

Correct pronunciation: Nai-key

Nike, one of the world’s largest suppliers of sports shoes & apparel and manufacturer of sports equipment, is a well-recognized brand with operations in more than 100 countries acrobate reader kostenlosen. Yet, the seemingly simple 4-letter brand name is often mispronounced as “Naik”. The correct way of pronouncing Nike is actually “Nai-key”.

Correct Pronunciation of Nike

3. Porsche

Correct pronunciation: Por-shaa

Porsche, a German automobile manufacturer, is reputed for its high-performance cars, particularly sports cars, SUVs and sedans. It is also one of the most mispronounced among popular brands in the world. Unlike what many think, Porsche is pronounced as “Por-shaa” and not “Porsh”.

Brand Pronunciation: Correct Pronunciation of Porsche

4. Louis Vuitton

Correct pronunciation: Loo-ee-vwee-toh(n)

Louis Vuitton is among the world’s leading fashion houses and one of the world’s most valuable brands. Well-known for its leather goods such as bags and wallets, its pronunciation, however, presents a conundrum for most of us. Louis is pronounced as the name Louie (Loo-ee). Vuitton is trickier and has 2 elements- 1) ‘Vui’ is pronounced almost as “Vee” but since the ‘u’ is not silent and has a light ‘W’ sound, the right pronunciation of ‘Vui’ is Vwee; 2) ‘tton’ is pronounced as toh(n), the oh(n) sounding as in the words ‘bon’ and ‘brawn’ (without a complete ‘n’ but with a nasal touch). Thus, the right pronunciation of Louis Vuitton is “Loo-ee-vwee-toh(n)”.

Correct Pronunciation of Louis Vuitton

5. Volkswagen

Correct pronunciation: Folks-wa-g’n

The Volkswagen Group is a German automotive manufacturer and the largest automaker in the world as of 2016. It owns a number of popular brands such as Audi, Bugatti, Porsche and Volkswagen and all of them are quite often mispronounced. Although beginning with a ‘V’, Volkswagen is pronounced with an ‘F’ sound as “Folks-wa-g’n” and not “Volks-wa-g’n”.

Brand Pronunciation: Correct Pronunciation of Volkswagen

6. Audi

Correct pronunciation: Aau-dee

Audi, the German automobile manufacturer specializing in luxury vehicles, is probably one of the most recognized brands in the world (particularly with its logo comprising of four rings). However, when it comes to its pronunciation, few people get it right. While in English Language “Au” is generally pronounced as “Aw” (as in the words ‘augur’ and ‘automobile’), the correct pronunciation of Audi is “Aau-dee” and not “Aw-dee”.

Correct Pronunciation of Audi

7. Adobe

Correct pronunciation: Ah-doh-bee

Adobe is an American multinational software company best known for Photoshop and PDF. It is named after the Adobe Creek in Los Altos, California. The pronunciation of Adobe, unlike what many think, is not ‘Ah-dob’ or ‘A-dob’ (where the ‘A’ sounds like in ‘bad or ‘clad’). Instead, the right way to pronounce Adobe is “Ah-do-bee”.

Correct Pronunciation of Adobe

8. Nutella

Correct pronunciation: New-tell-uh

Ever since it was introduced in 1964 by the Italian company Ferrero, Nutella has become one of the most popular spreads that is commonly eaten with breads, waffles, fruits and cookies. However, despite its popularity, the brand is not always pronounced correctly. The common mistake people make is to call it “Nut-ell-uh”. Rather, the correct pronunciation of Nutella is “New-tell-uh”.

Brand pronunciation: Correct Pronunciation of Nutella