Success Ingredients- The traits that make it happen!

Nov 7, 2016 | Living

What leads one to success? What are those secret traits and habits of successful people? In this article, we try to look at some of the common qualities that separate those who succeed from those who don’t.

The Oxford Dictionary defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose” as well as “the attainment of fame, wealth or social status” netflix movies ipad. Yet, this is not all there is to success as some eminent personalities have elaborated upon. Some, such as Legendary basketball coach John Wooden, have attributed success to well-being, peace of mind and giving your best shot “to become the best you are capable of becoming”. Others, such as the great inventor Thomas Edison, view it as being passionate and working hard to fulfil your passion- “Success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”. Still others such as Winston Churchill interpret it as “going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”.(Source)

While the definition of success may vary from individual to individual, there are certain common characteristics that make people successful open office 4.1.5 kostenlos herunterladen. In this article we look at these qualities and habits that successful people possess. Start embracing and inculcating these traits now to enjoy the fruits of success!

Habits of Successful People | Success Mantra

Success vs Failure: Forgive instead of holding grudges

Forgive, not hold grudges

Holding a grudge is akin to carrying a mountain on your shoulders. When your brain is actively thinking about the baggage of the past, it hinders your ability to move ahead in life. An important aspect of being successful is to let the past remain in the past and passionately move forward in the direction of your goal java für ipad herunterladen.

Success Mantra: Forgive, forget and move on.

Success Mantra: Take responsibility

Take responsibility, not blame others

A common tendency that many of us have is to find excuses and place blame on others when things don’t go right. This is a highly self-destructive quality and is best avoided. It restricts us from finding new and better ways to deal with problems.

Success Mantra: Take responsibility for your actions and cultivate an ownership mindset.

Habits of Successful People: Discuss ideas instead of gossiping

Discuss ideas, not people

The Greek philosopher Socrates said “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” Successful people are always looking to explore new ideas and unchartered territories klaviernoten kostenlos downloaden fluch der karibik. Instead of whiling away time discussing who did what, they spend time thinking about what they can innovate.

Success Mantra: Spend more time growing your passion instead of gossiping.

Success Traits : Don't be scared of change

Explore possibilities, not get scared of change

Innovation in any walk of life drives people forward. To innovate, the basic necessity is to embrace change and not get overwhelmed by it. Change, be it in your thought or work, opens up a new world of possibilities and novel ways of tackling challenges spiele über google herunterladen. When you are trapped in your comfort zone, it leads to stagnation of the mind.

Success Mantra: Leave your comfort zone, embrace change and discover new opportunities.

Habits of Successful People : Compliment others

Compliment others, not focus on taking credit

People give their best to a team or an organization when they are recognized and appreciated. Complimenting others for the efforts they put in is a great way of showing your appreciation. It induces a feeling of belonging among them and helps you build relationships that are exceedingly important to succeed appen free. Even if you come up with a novel idea, it is important to respect and value those who help you implement it.

Success Mantra: Don’t crave for credit; instead give it where it’s due.

Success vs Failure: Don't Procrastinate

Finish work well in time, not procrastinate

A common problem many of us have is waiting until the last moment to complete our work. This habit is called procrastination and it is best avoided. By procrastinating, we may complete our work before deadlines but the final output may not be of a quality that we are capable of amazon geliehene filme herunterladen. Instead, set a schedule to complete your work well before time and stick to it. This will not only give you extra time to review your work but also give you new ideas to improve its quality.

Success Mantra: Divide and use your time wisely; don’t put off your work until the deadline’s close.

Success Mantra : Set Goal

Set goals for yourself, not wander aimlessly

A goal gives you a purpose and passion to achieve something herunterladen. When you know what you are aiming for, the path to reach your goal becomes clearer. While setting yourself a goal, it’s helpful to follow the SMART criteria i.e. your goal must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. People who become successful have a clear idea about their ambitions and work diligently to achieve them. On the other hand, people who are aimless often tend to be confused and demotivated horrorfilme download kostenlos deutsch.

Success Mantra: Introspect, discover your passion and set SMART goals to fulfil your passion.

Secret to Success: Help others, don't be selfish

Be selfless, not selfish

It is easy to get carried away with the notion that success comes to those who are opportunistic and selfish. While in some cases, this may bring you short-term “success”, in the longer run it’ll only do more harm than good. When you place your interests on the backburner and focus on the concerns and interests of those around you, it not only showcases your strength but also helps you gain loyalty and trust herunterladen. In teams, being selfless helps create an environment of interdependence rather than independence, which greatly improves their efficiency.

Success Mantra: It is more beneficial to dwell on the interests of others than on your own.

What differentiates successful people from others: They don't hate criticism

Embrace criticism, not hate it

We all get stung by criticism; after all, no one wants to hear a bad review of themselves or their work. However, criticism, if taken positively, can help you overcome your mistakes and weaknesses and groom you to be stronger and more effective in what you do. Yes, some criticism along the way is bound to be unwarranted but don’t let it bias your mind to ignore and hate criticism altogether. An important aspect of succeeding is learning to take some flak along the way.

Success Mantra: Take a positive view towards criticism and use it constructively to become better.

What differentiates successful people from others: They don't hate criticism

Be open to life-long learning

Learning is a continuous process right from the cradle to the coffin. No person, living or dead, can realistically claim to “know it all”. There’s always room for learning and improvement. A common habit among successful people is their unending quest to gain more knowledge and learn new ideas. They are never satisfied with what they know and this helps them constantly broaden their horizons and seek new opportunities.

Success Mantra: If you aren’t learning every day, you aren’t living right!