Bored with your shoes? Try out these cool styles of shoe lacing

Nov 14, 2016 | Living

Remember the first time you learnt to tie shoelaces? Probably taught by your parents or siblings, the entire process of running the laces through the holes of the shoes and then learning to tie a firm knot seems a little daunting at first kann man fernsehsendungen downloaden. But like everything else in life, with practice the routine becomes automatic. However, most of us end up sticking to the first shoelace style we learn and seldom experiment later in life. But did you know there are almost 2 trillion ways to lace a show with just six pairs of holes or eyelets! And that’s not including the styles of knotting, which are varied in number too google games for free. The most common shoe lacing method we use, termed criss-cross lacing, is one of the strongest and the most efficient. However, many other lacing methods have been developed with specific functional benefits such as being easier to loosen or tighten, more comfort, tighter binding, better fit and preventing slippage. In this article, we will look at some cool shoelace styles and techniques that you can try out. So, how are you going to lace your shoes today windows 7 update 32 bit kostenlos download deutsch?

Shoelace Styles | 10 Cool ways to tie shoelaces

Loop Back Shoelacing

1 Loop Back

Loop back lacing gives a more decorative look than the usual criss-cross lacing. They look good on dark-colored shoes with light-colored laces. However, they do require longer length shoe laces.

Army lacing style

2 Army

Army lacing allows the sides of the boots to flex more easily and prevents the laces from suffering much wear and tear Block puzzle download. Since military boots are made of thick, sturdy leather, this lacing method eliminates crossovers that would hold down the sides of the boots.

Cool ways to tie shoelaces : Diamond Lacing

3 Diamond

A funky lacing method, Diamond lacing works best with sneakers and boots, which have many eyelets. They look better with flat laces rather than round ones and require that the eyelets be large enough to allow at least 2 shoelace passes through them herunterladen.

Shoelace styles : Ladder Lacing

4 Ladder

As the name suggests, this lacing method resembles a ladder. Used by paratroopers, hikers, skaters and trekkers, the laces stay tight in the Ladder method and thus help keep the shoes secure on the feet. It’s preferable to use them on shoes with many eyelets and require longer shoe laces than basic criss-cross lacing herunterladen.

Tying Shoes : Star Lacing

5 Star

A purely decorative form of lacing, the Star or Pentagram lacing resembles the five-pointed stars found on the flag of the U.S. The method works best with thinner or flat laces with larger eyelets to accommodate 2 shoelace passes.

Zipper Lacing

6 Zipper

A rather interesting lacing method, Zipper holds the laces firmly by locking them at each eyelet pair herunterladen. It is very useful in skates, climbing shoes and boots, where a strong support is required. The shoelaces to implement zipper lacing are longer than those needed for basic lacing.

Spider Web Lacing

7 Spider Web

Used mainly in military boots, this lacing method looks like an intricately woven spider web and hence the name hp deskjet 2540 treiber kostenlos. Like ladder lacing, spider web lacing keeps the lace firm and tight and are more effective on boots with large number of eyelets.

Saw Tooth Lacing

8 Saw Tooth

If you have a shoe that’s ill-fitting, you can use the Saw tooth lacing method to help correct its fit. This lacing method makes it easier to tighten the shoe and shift the alignment of the sides, thereby adjusting its fit as required. The shoe laces required for this method are shorter than those required for basic criss-cross lacing citavi herunterladen mac.

Hexagram Lacing

9 Hexagram

Like pentagram lacing, the hexagram lacing method is primarily focused on giving a more decorative look. Resembling a six-pointed star, which is an important symbol in several cultures and religions, it has a rather loose fit and works best with thin or flat shoelaces rundfunkbeitrag herunterladen.

Over-under Lacing

10 Over-under

As the name suggests, in this method, the laces alternate between crossing “over” and “under” each other. An effective lacing method, it has the twin benefits of making it easier to tighten or loosen the laces as well as reducing friction and wear & tear in shoes. It also has a rather distinct decorative look.