10 Most Common Mental Disorders Decoded [Infographic]

Nov 26, 2017 | Living, Science

10 Most common psychological & mental disorders explained - Infographic

10 Most Common Psychological Disorders [Infographic]

Contrary to the popular belief that mental disorders are rare, depression alone affects about 400 million people in the world herunterladen. Mental illness is a medical condition which impacts a person’s ability to think, feel and function properly. It is often difficult to pinpoint the factors behind mental disorders euro truck simulator 2. Research suggests a combination of multiple factors may give rise to impaired psychological abilities- family history, genetics, environment, experiences, lifestyle, brain structure are among the many likely factors planet coaster parks herunterladen. Unlike physical illnesses, psychological disorders are often misunderstood, hugely neglected and in some cases difficult to diagnose. Mental disorders not only disrupt the sufferer’s daily life but also severely affects the people around him/her osterhasen videos herunterladen. The associated social stigma along with the impaired mental condition create a vicious cycle which makes recovery even more difficult. This infographic is an attempt to put forward the most common psychological disorders and give a glimpse of how it feels to suffer from them microsoft virus protection for free.