Hilarious Animal Group Names

Jan 16, 2017 | Language

We all know that a group of people is called a crowd. Or, that a group of buffaloes is called a herd.

But the coiners of animal group names were also innovative when it came to animals such as crows, cockroaches and zebras spotify music for free. Here we present some of the interesting (and funny) collective nouns for our fellow members from the animal kingdom.

Animal group names: Group of lizards is called a lounge

A Lounge of Lizards

Well, lizards do seem to be pretty relaxed and “chilled out”. That is, until they make a move on their prey!

Animal group names: Group of rhinoceroses is called a crash

A Crash of Rhinoceroses

These animals, weighing up to 3500kg, can run at a speed of 56 km/hr and having been bestowed with a poor eyesight, there’s a good chance they may come crashing into you if you stand in their path cad modelle download kostenlos!

Animal group names: Group of mice is called mischief

A Mischief of Mice

This one needs no explanation. Anyone who’s ever had mice roaming about in their homes can attest to the havoc they cause with their mischief! Also referred to a nest or trip.

Animal group names: Group of giraffe is called tower

A Tower of Giraffes

Giraffes are the tallest terrestrial animals, towering over all other animals hay day. So fittingly, a group of giraffes is called a tower. Also called a herd.

Animal group names: Group of lions is called pride

A Pride of Lions

A lion is called the king of the jungle and a king is never short of pride. A symbol of royalty, bravery and stateliness, a group of lions is aptly referred to as a pride. Also called a troop.

Animal group names: Group of fishes is called a school

A School of Fishes

Fishes often stay together as a social group and swim around in a coordinated manner, which possibly led to their collective group being known as a school or shoal musik charts top 100 kostenlosen.

Animal group names: Group of elephants is called a parade

A Parade of Elephants

The largest land animals can be quite intimidating when they move as a group with their stomps and trumpets. The amazing spectacle may have led to their collective group being called a parade. Also called a herd.

Animal group names: Group of kittens is called a kindle

A Kindle of Kittens

Kittens are offspring of cats and the word ‘kindle’ comes from Middle English kindel, which means an “offspring” app downloaden netflix. A group of kittens is also called a litter.

Animal group names: Group of ants is called a army

A Army of Ants

Ants are found in large congregations and go about their jobs in a purposeful and disciplined manner, earning their collective group to be referred to as an army. Also called a colony, nest or swarm.

Animal group names: Group of kangaroos is called a mob

A Mob of Kangaroos

These marsupials are highly social animals, moving about in groups of 10-100 aws s3 ordner herunterladen. Fights between males can occur suddenly for mating rights, perhaps giving the impression of a mob-like behavior! A group of kangaroos is also called a troop.

Animal group names: Group of zebras is called a zeal

A Zeal of Zebras

If the movie ‘Madagascar’ is anything to go by, zebras do seem to be pretty full of enthusiasm hotmail email herunterladen! A group of Zebras is also called a herd or dazzle.

Group of apes is called a Shrewdness

A Shrewdness of Apes

They are strong and intimidating, but possibly surviving in the forests also requires one to be shrewd. Or at least somebody thought so! Group of apes is also called a troop.

Collective noun for Flamingos

A Flamboyance of flamingos

They do look colorful and exuberant labview trial version. Looking at a group of them, flamboyance does seem an apt name to describe them! Group of flamingos is also called a stand.

What is a group of owls called

A Parliament of Owls

These nocturnal creatures have been associated with wisdom and scholarliness since time immemorial. No surprise then that when a group of them sits together, they give the impression of a parliament in session. Group of owls is also sometimes called a stare chess titan for windows 10.

Animal group name for cockroaches

An Intrusion of Cockroaches

These annoying pests do intrude into our homes and almost everywhere we go!

Group of crows is called a Murder

A Murder of Crows

This rather poetic description could possibly have something to do with the fact that these scavengers are often seen around dead bodies amazon prime music on pc!

Collective noun for Tigers

An Ambush of Tigers

Tigers are known to be stealthy and when a group of them decide to hunt down a prey, the prey is pretty much ambushed. Group of tigers is also called a streak.

What is a group of foxes called

An Earth of Foxes

Group of foxes is also called a skulk or leash.

Animal Group Names: A group of flies is called a business, A business of flies

A Business of Flies

Wonder what their business is, but maybe a better term could have been “buzz”iness of flies! Group of flies is also sometimes called a swarm or cloud.

Animal group names: A group of eagles is called a convocation

A Convocation of Eagles

These sharp birds do look like they just attended their graduation convocation wearing their robes!