Hot vs Cold Shower- Which one’s better?

Mar 27, 2017 | Living

Bathing and showering is an important part of a healthy routine and personal hygiene. A bath not only keeps you fresh and clean, but a regular bath has other benefits such as improved immune system, toxin removal, reduced muscle tension and relief from depression. While we have our individual preferences when it comes to the temperature of water when taking a shower, very few know that both cold and hot showers have their benefits. While a hot shower is good for sleep, relief from stress & tension and toxic waste removal, a cold shower increases awareness, improves concentration and boosts metabolism. In this article, we look at 10 physical, mental and psychological benefits of hot and cold showers. So, which shower are you going take today?

Benefits of Hot shower vs Cold shower [Infographic]

Hot shower vs cold shower infographic- advantages of taking hot and cold shower