Inventions that changed the World Forever

Dec 28, 2016 | Science

An invention is something that is created or designed that did not exist before high on us for free. Since time immemorial, humans have used their intellect, imagination and observation to invent things to make their lives easier and comfortable. While some inventors envisioned their inventions to improve our way of living (such as refrigerator and smart phones), other inventors came up with inventions that spawned other inventions and changed the course of history (such as electricity and steam engine) von der zdf-mediatheken.

The rise to power of human beings as a species is rather interesting and in a sense, surprising herunterladen. Humans aren’t physically the strongest nor the largest nor the fastest of species- qualities you’d expect the most powerful species on Earth to have gta iv for free pc. Yet humans possess a few unique characteristics- a curiosity to learn, a burning desire to explore, a knack for observing patterns and a willingness to use their mental acuity to survive smartly and make their lives easier cisco anyconnect vpn client download kostenlos. These characteristics enabled us to look beyond our own physical (in)abilities and led to inventions and discoveries that completely changed the way we lived.

These useful inventions helped us fend off predators, obtain our food easily and communicate & share our knowledge better to just name a few. This infographic looks at some of the most important inventions in history- inventions that changed the world at their time. While it really is difficult to encompass all the major inventions, we have tried our best to include all that we think were game-changers at their time.

Greatest Inventions and Inventors that changed the world

Inventions and inventors Infographic: Greatest inventions and discoveries that changed the world

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