20 Heavenly Lakes to See Before You Die

Dec 9, 2016 | World

A lake is a good place to picnic, enjoy romantic walks, sharpen your photography skills or just relax and admire nature’s beauty. If your aim is the latter, this article featuring some of the most beautiful lakes around the world is just for you. With possibly more than 200 million lakes in the world, it’s a rather tough list to make! While all these lakes are sure worth a visit, if there’s a lake that you think should be in this list, do tell us about it in your comments below.

1. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Stunning Lakes in the World: Lake Plitvice

Source: Jack Brauer

This spectacular chain of 16 terraced lakes is visited by over 1 million travelers every year. Interconnected by waterfalls, these lakes are renowned for their constantly changing colors including blue, green, azure etc.

2 apple kostenlos herunterladen. Spotted Lake, Canada

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Spotted Lake, Canada

This small but unique lake is filled with circular spots in varied colors and sizes, especially during the summer. Most of the water evaporates during this time leaving mineral deposits in circles. You can even take a walk on the natural walkways between the spots.

3. Lake Sorvagsvatn (Lake Leitisvatn) in  Faroe Islands situated between Iceland & Norway

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Lake Leitisvatn

Source: Reddit

An amazing optical illusion created by the steep cliff in front of the lake makes the lake look like thousands of meters above the sea level, when actually it’s just 40 meters above sea level.

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is the deepest (1,642 m) & oldest (25 million years) lake in the world. Completely surrounded by mountains, it is also considered one of the clearest lakes. The lake remains frozen for almost 4 months and sometimes it’s so cold here that the lake creates ice-waves & gem-like turquoise ice formations.

Lake Baikal Turquoise Ice

Source: Alexey Trofimov

5. Heaven Lake, north korea/china

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Heaven Lake

Source: Joe Jiang

This heavenly crater lake is situated at the border of China and North Korea at 2,189 m above the sea level atop the volcanic Paektu Mountain.

6. Lake Hillier, Australia

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier is a saline lake in Australia, notable for its pink color. A long and thin shore separates the lake from the Antarctic Ocean. The living microorganisms present in its water cause the salt content to create a red dye, thereby giving the lake its color rabobank app download ipad.

7. Kelimutu Volcanic Lakes, Indonesia

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Kelimutu Volcanic Lakes

The three crater lakes located on top of the volcano Kelimutu have distinct colors ranging from blue to green, olive to red- often different from each other. But don’t be deluded by their enchanting colors as the water is filled with toxic gases & minerals like sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, sulfide and carbon dioxide that can kill anybody within seconds.

8. Moraine Lake, Canada

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Moraine Lake

Source: ossSVHphotography

This glacially-fed lake is situated in the tranquility of the Valley of the Ten Peaks answering machine. Its water has a distinct shade of green-blue color creating an unreal scenery with the surrounding snow-clad mountains. Images of this magical place have appeared as backdrops in numerous places like login screen of Windows 10, preview pictures of Android and Canadian Twenty Dollar Bill.

9. Thousand Island Lake, China

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Thousand Island Lake

Source: airpano

Qiandao Lake, also known as the Thousand Island Lake, is a man-made lake studded with 1078 islets, some specially themed like Bird Island, Snake Island, Monkey Island & Lock Island. If you dive into the lake, you’ll find the underwater ancient city, Shicheng (“Lion City”), at a depth of 26-40m and be amazed by the grandeur of its carvings.

10 huawei watch gt dial. Tso Moriri Lake, India

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Tso Moriri Lake

This breathtaking lake with beautiful hues of blue and picturesque landscape surrounding it is situated at Changthang in Jammu & Kashmir. The high altitude lake is fed by springs & snow-melt from the mountains nearby. It is part of a Wetland Conservation Reserve that is home to a wide range of flora & fauna and wildlife including snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, lynx and water birds.

11. Melissani Lake, Greece

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Melissani Lake

Source: Aggelou Zias

This magnificent lake is located inside a cave with a grand opening at the roof on the island of Kefalonia, Greece. On the outside, the cave is surrounded by forest and in the inside, the water is so clear that the boats seem to be gliding in air.

12. Five Flower Lake, China

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Five Flower Lake

Five Flower Lake (also known as Wuhua Hai Lake) is a shallow multicolored lake situated in the Valley of Rize google play gekaufte filme herunterladen. Through the clear water you can see ancient tree tanks lying crisscrossed on the lake floor. The surrounding valley is home to exotic flowering plants, over 140 species of birds, gold-nosed monkeys, giant pandas and more.

13. Lake Powell, USA

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Lake Powell

Source: Ediza

Braced with red cliffs & rock formations, this vein-like reservoir is a holiday destination to millions of visitors every year. Apart from savoring the breathtaking scenery, you can also participate in numerous water-sports including boating, water skiing, scuba diving and fishing.

14 open xchange download kostenlos. Lake Titicaca, Bolivia & Peru

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Lake Titicaca

Source: Travelinos

At 3800 m above the sea level, it is the highest navigable lake in the world. Along the bank of the lake in the windy & cold coastline, live the descendants of the glorious Inca civilization.

15. Lake Tahoe, USA

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Lake Tahoe

Source: Moneyinc

This picturesque lake with shimmering, clear blue water is the perfect destination for outdoor sports lovers. During summer, it’s a haven for swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, boating, camping & hiking. During winter, the snow-capped peaks surrounding the lake becomes a skiing harbor.

16 herunterladen. Lake Louise, Canada

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Lake Louise

Source: Mylinea

This milky turquoise lake surrounded by deep green forest is located in the Banff National Park, Canada.

17. Lake Como, Italy

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Lake Como

Source: Benoic

The breathtaking scenery of Lake Como has been attracting travelers and inspiring artists for centuries. Sitting on the lap of the snow-clad Rhaetian Alps, this lake is one of the most exquisite water bodies in the world.

18. Dead Sea, Jordan, Israel & Palestine

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Dead Sea

Source: Benoic

Dead sea is a salt lake with almost 9.6 times more salt than the sea android 5.1.1en. Due to natural buoyancy of salty water, people easily float in this lake. The unexpectedly high concentration of salt makes it difficult for any plants or animals to flourish, hence the name. But due to the presence of rich minerals and salts, bathing in the dead sea has great therapeutic value & healing power.

19. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Jellyfish Lake

This 12,000 year old marine lake is located in the rocky Eil Malk island in Palau. Every morning, 13 million golden jellyfish residing in this lake swim from the east side to the west and swim back again in the afternoon. Unlike other jellies, the golden jellyfish’s sting is too weak to be perceivable by humans, making it a surreal swim among millions of jellyfishes.

20 pokemon tv herunterladen. Red Lagoon, Bolivia

Most Beautiful Lakes in the World: Lake Laguna

Red Lagoon is a shallow salt lake with reddish water caused by red sediments & pigmentation of some algae. The lake looks exquisite with the flamboyance of colorful flamingos, who are natural inhabitants of this region.